Logistics process

Shipping from china- freight packaging

Cargo Packaging

    Cardo packaging or freight packaging is one of the most important factors when it comes to shipping of the goods. In every import/ export process there are two major challenges that faces shippers, it’s the satisfaction of both customer and shipper. The customer requires a secure and reliable method of carriage, so he can receive non-damaged goods, on the other hand the shipper requires that the space on his cargo is fully utilized in order to make maximum profit. The Packaging of

China Marine Insurance

Marine insurance for china and global freight

    Insurance in general is the “Protection against future loss”. insurance is available to ships, boats and most importantly the cargo that is being carried into any mode of transportation. Marine insurance is very important because among the four mode of transportation ( road, rail, air and water) ocean cargo is more likely to cause a lot of concerns to carriers, not only because there are natural phenomena that can affect the cargo and the ship, but also other incidents and signs

EORI- EU- import- export

How to get an EORI number ?

  EORI (Economic operators Registration and identification), is a numbering scheme specific to the European Union. If you are not based in Europe you don’t need an EORI number. But if you are based in an EU country you should read the following. EORI is mandatory for companies and individuals who are carrying out custom activities in the European Union. An EORI number consists of an ISO country code (EU member state)  followed by 12 digits number and maximum of 15 digits. It

Bill of lading- B/L- BOL

Bill of Lading- B/L – Easy understading

    A bill of lading also known as BOL or B/L, is a document issued by a carrier to a shipper, to prove that goods have been received on board and ready to be shipped to the consignee to a named place for delivery.   The term Bill of lading drives from the verb “to lade” which means to load a cargo onto any mode of transportation (ocean, rail, air)   The Bill of lading is an evidence to: Confirm valid contracts between the consignor and the

cargo types- containers

shipping cargoes by ocean, air, or Rail freight ?

    What is cargo (e.g freight) ?   Cargo consists of goods, materials, merchandise carried onboard of an aircraft, ship, train, or truck. Generally, it consists of goods for commercial gain on which an air waybill, or bill of lading or any other receipt is issued by carrier. Shipments from point A to point B requires a lot of planning, the mode of transportation is considered as a key factor for successful planning. However, to determine the mode of transportation and the costs of

Incoterms 2010- premium guide- 11 terms description


Incoterms – Importing from China   Incoterms are rules that allows buyers and sellers to identify the responsibility of each one. It allows the parties to identify a point where the costs and risks of transportation are precisely divided between both of them. Incoterms e.g (International commercial terms) Has a set of 11 international standard trade terms which last version is Incoterms 2010. Incoterms also coordinate responsibilities for Customs clearance/ duties between the parties. In other words, incoterms Are essential in every import/ export

customs clearance usa isf

All you need to know about ISF – US importers

 Importing to USA: “Importer Security Filing” ISF 10+2 Before merchandise can be imported into the United states the importer security filing (ISF) also called customs broker must submit electronically the 10+2 data elements to Customs at Border protection (CBP) no later than 24 hours prior to the cargo being loaded. This is only required to Cargo arriving in the United states by ocean vessel; it does not apply to Cargo arriving by other modes of transportation. Important note: submission of inaccurate, incomplete or