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Bill of lading- B/L- BOL

Bill of Lading- B/L – Easy understading

    A bill of lading also known as BOL or B/L, is a document issued by a carrier to a shipper, to prove that goods have been received on board and ready to be shipped to the consignee to a named place for delivery.   The term Bill of lading drives from the verb “to lade” which means to load a cargo onto any mode of transportation (ocean, rail, air)   The Bill of lading is an evidence to: Confirm valid contracts between the consignor and the

Incoterms 2010- premium guide- 11 terms description


Incoterms – Importing from China   Incoterms are rules that allows buyers and sellers to identify the responsibility of each one. It allows the parties to identify a point where the costs and risks of transportation are precisely divided between both of them. Incoterms e.g (International commercial terms) Has a set of 11 international standard trade terms which last version is Incoterms 2010. Incoterms also coordinate responsibilities for Customs clearance/ duties between the parties. In other words, incoterms Are essential in every import/ export


Here you will find a list in an alphabetic order with the most used logistic terms. There are many shipping terms in logistics industry where it becomes difficult to recognise all of them, but don’t worry Sino shipping have carefully selected the most common terms which you will encounter in logistics.   A   Ad Valorem Tariff: A tariff calculated “according to value“, or as a percentage of the value of goods cleared through customs; for example, 15 percent ad valorem means 15

Harmonized system Easy description with practical example

All you need to know about HS code

International trade is a tool to expand our markets for both goods and services that otherwise may not have been available for us. It is the reason why you can pick up between a Japanese, German or American car for example. International trade plays a very important role in our daily life, for example if you walk into a supermarket and can buy south American bananas, Brazilian coffee and a bottle of south African wine, then you are experiencing the effect